The Real Savages

by del sesto

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released May 12, 2015

all songs by del sesto
album artwork by kyle myers



all rights reserved


del sesto Simi Valley, California

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Track Name: Ghost Mice
it's a waste of time
killing the defenseless
to sell shampoo
they can save the mice
but they can't save you
animal testing is the easy choice
when it's best to cause harm to something with no voice
animal heaven
or animal hell
it doesn't matter
if the product will sell
if it can hurt the animals, it can hurt you too
why do you think they sell chemicals to you?
Track Name: 9/11 Generation
12 years in the desert
now you want some more?
nobel peace prize winner
starts another war
who voted on this?
where's democracy now?

the president calls his troops to arms but he's never seen a thing
no idea of the atrocities
no value in a life?

growing up in a war torn nation
rises a new 911 generation
nowhere to go
a crippling depression
no say in the next war
and deeper depression

no idea what peaceful progress is like
we've forgotten such things to war
we've seen the recruiters at our school
convinve our friends to go on military tour.
Track Name: Victim
egotistical maniacs
can't seem to see
no means no
it seems so clear to me
one on five women
daily sexually harassed
while egotistical maniacs
can't see past is past
egotistical maniacs
try to commodify
making a game
out of who comes last

society lets us think this way
giving men permission
to make women prey
people like me aphrodisiac
people like you, egotistical maniac

you see her in the street
you see her in your hand
you take her independence
and lay it in the sand
and when she wants to take it back you call hew a whore
preaching self assurance
that she'll come back for more
she's no possession
she won't be an object anymore
now you can't ignore
the absence in your core
Track Name: Westlake
whales wash up on the fucking shore
because you keep wanting more
spilling your toxins
into the sea
you're abusing the power you got at that university
deforesting the nation
selling cows to the slaughter
they're selling sexuality to your 12 year old daughter

starting wars over land and oil
assuming that people are their god given spoil

selling drugs for imagined disease
causing depression
and suicidal tendencies
dehumanizing women
to sell shit to men
they're making money off innocent people in the pen

greed runs the way we live our lives
money decides who lives, and who dies
Track Name: Guilt
slave from day one
that's who i am
i'm ready lord
exterminate me

if i want to make it
i know what to do
i'll lie and i'll cheat
survival is no small feat

meat is murder
that's what they say
but those same militants
were bashing on gay

the british are bastards
that's what they say
but those same militants
kill for the IRA

the taliban are terrorists
that's what we say
but us as militants
can't save the day

sweatshops in china
that's what they say
but those same militants
wear nike to this day

men are oppressive
that's what they say
but those same militants
make immigrants pay

(violence can't save us, oppression isn't peace, if we continue to be slaves to order, the violence won't cease)
Track Name: Outdated Process
teach your kids to love them
teach your kids to hate
teach your kids to chop them up and put them on a plate
you pet pigs at the zoo
then you bring them home for dinner
the bible says that it's okay so you believe you're not a sinner
it's murder to kill living things, but we do it every day
just cause you don't see it doesn't mean that it's okay
you can give them a peaceful life but you raise them for your plate
doesn't matter how they die as long as it's your taste
ignorance is bliss and it doesn't matter you say
when living things get killed and slaughtered for you every day
walmart slits pigs throats
lets them bleed without a word
butchers sell corpses
farmers raise the dead
you eat decaying flesh
before you go to bed
leather jackets and snake skin purses serve the purpose of fashion
and hunters slaughter the innocent
they say that it's their passion
from birth to the kitchen
slaughtering animals is tradition
Track Name: Real Savages
police oppression
of the exploited
police force out on bail
aggravated child abuse, three years of age
left in your care
young and beautiful
scorch the body
scorch the mind
and scorch the soul
when he grows his life will take the toll

screaming and crying
for an end
for his body mutilated and singed
second degree for the boys in blue
self affliction
but we know what's true

hiding behind the badge
that's what you do best
so rip that badge of thy chest
you failed, when you were put to the test
Track Name: Culture Shock
its how we were raised
to be dependent
in a country
where no one is independent
the poor feed the rich
and the rich start the war
police put subjects in jail
when they dare to ask for more

they'll show you what you need
show you the life to lead
you'd better get to work you've got mouths to feed
high costs of education and housing
will keep you as their pawn

the police shot down protesters
to keep us all in line
keep us in the lives we're given
keep their wealthy bellies full

racism and homophobia
taught in the name of love
to give us someone else to hate
instead of rising above
Track Name: Straight Camp
i can't get along
i'm so fucked in the head
at least there'll never be a man in my bed
went to camp
to pray the gay away
treatment, to keep the evil thoughts away
as if the bullies at school
weren't enough
god, church, my dad, all a little more tough
say i'm a sinner
and i'm going to hell
but what straights do behind doors they'll never tell
a man comes home from work
he hits his wife
keep your marriage counseling
i chose another life
Track Name: Prayer Sentence
in the garden of eden
where i take my stand
they were crucifying humans
and populating land
if you drink my blood
for those who never bled
scattered tears for those who never lived
prayers for the dead
imperfection is taught to the weak and feeble mind
through the valley
healing sick
turning water into wine
you go to church to repent your sins
but they never told you why
so live for today
cause soon you're gonna die

dying is a state of mind we all must bow to pray
dying is a state of mind we all must die one day (X6)
Track Name: Never Crust a Trusty
driving to the bar
in your moms mercedes
fake poverty
on your list of reasons
you want to look cool
at the show
so you dressed the fuck up
so everyone will know

patch your shit up look the most convicted
diamond life and basketball shorts
when you're somewhere else

you're the only squatter, who's never been evicted
you're the only criminal, who's never been convicted

vegan patch on your vest cause you're so fucking loving
your dogs outside with fleas and lice like the rest

this will last another year or two
morals and convictions just a phase for you
i'll be glad when you stop coming around
and i'll spit in your face when i see you eating steak
Track Name: Horrible Sacrifices
we cannot undo it
we must submit to it
horrible sacrifices
the vampires of history
ever nourished upon
human blood
picture of human civilization however detailed it might be
shall we blame the science of history?
they have lived
and been sacrificed
christ alone
having succeeded
these believers
and poets of heaven
not in vain
the more dangerous they became
if god is
man is a slave
all religions cruel
fed on blood
horrible sacrifices (X alot)